what happened to us?

jeremy… part 2

okay so in the last post i forgot to mention that he let me wear his jacket and his senior ring… i thought he was gonna let me keep them but he took them back before he left..okay so fastforward to school on tuesday. he sits inside and i sit outside, and it was cold and i texted him saying that and he said he would give me his jacket so i went inside and got it and he said lets walk together after lunch. so after lunch i meat up with him and his class is before mine so he leaves me 1st. we walked together everyday after lunch. well remember my friend mallorie? the whole time she liked jeremy. he never really liked her back. and while me and jeremy were talking to each other, we starting falling for eachother. i knew i couldnt hide it forever so i texted mallorie after school and i told her that me and jeremy really liked eachother and if i could have her permission. i really dont need it cuz shes not really my friend. we used to be best friends but then she betrayed me. but thats another story. so she told me it ws okay and that we would be friends forever but she talked to some people about it and i guess she changed her mind. She started posting abunch of crap about me on twitter about how im a bitch. Jeremy stood up for me which made me fall for him more. i invited jeremy over to my house so he could meet my mom. She loves him. She thinks hes great and she actually approves. the next day, jeremy was working the ems for an lsu game, and my mom was going to that game, and he went and found her and talked to her for awhile. he left because he had to go back to work. my mom really likes him. so after the game he came over and we watched a movie. a week went by and i still had his jacket, i still sat in his  car in the moring, we still called eachother babe and baby, everything was perfect. we got out of school for thanksgiving break and his birthday was on thanksgiving. on the 21st i was at my dads house and he came over and watched a movie. At exactly 12 oclock i told him happy birthday and i gave him his present. he 1st texted me on november 2nd so it hasnt been that long. He LOVES baseball so i got him one and i signed it “happy birthday sunshine” i started calling him sunshine cuz he would always say “anytime sunshine” so he left my house and later that day like after lunch i went to his house and met ALL his family. i stayed there till like 11 at night. when i got home, i texted him and i asked “where is this going” he replied “my feeling havent changed. i dont want a serious relationship before college. I think we could have fun times and i dont mean just hooking up. you are a great girl Blah blah blah” i was very confused. Why did he do all those things if he doesnt even like me like that. so i asked. and he said that it was all on instinct. and that he thought i would be pissed if he didnt” he said he was sorry and that he didnt mean to hurt me. i cried and i cried. he always said he never wanted to hurt me but he did. we kept texting that night and he told me that he just wants to be friends but he doesnt want to text as much as we do. he only wants to text me like every couple of days. i said okay. i was so heart broken and i didnt know who to talk to. i didnt want to tell any of my girl friends cuz they would just tell everyone. Who do you talk to when you lose your Bestfriend. there is only one person i know and thats ethan. He is another story. i texted him and he said he would be there for me and that he would listen. and he did. but a week went by and jeremy texted me. and i told jeremy that i was over it. that i dont want a relationship with him anymore. but the thing is i still do.

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